Spotlight on Franciocorta talent, Alessandra Divella

When we think of Italian wine, it’s fair to say that our minds may not immediately travel to Franciacorta. 

However, situated in the heart of Lombardy, Italy, Franciacorta is a little gem of a region known for its quality sparkling wines. With some estimates stating that 70% of its vineyards are classified as organic, it’s also (these days at least), rather the beacon of sustainable viticulture.

Its geology is also of note, with its Jurassic- origin soils providing the region with soils rich in marine sediments, limestone and clay, imparting a distinctive character to the wines, from vines deeply rooted in the mineral-packed earth. The region’s climate is a harmonious combination of mild winters and warm summers thanks to the shielding Alps and the moderating influence of Lake Iseo. This ensures the grapes have ample time to ripen, forming intricate flavour profiles while retaining acidity. 

Enter Alessandra Divella, somewhat a prodigy in the region of Gussago. An area that stands elevated- a few hundred metres above sea level, in the north-western part of Franciacorta. 

Alessandra is a natural wine enthusiast, turned winemaker and despite her young age, is truly making wines of exceptional quality. 

Once the grapes are hand-harvested from her tiny two-hectares of vines, which teem with plant and animal life, low intervention methods follow from there. Grapes are basket pressed, and fermentation takes place spontaneously, no sulphur is added, nor is any dosage. And of course, production of these wines is miniscule each year. 

The wines are frequently likened to top-tier grower Champagnes. While such comparisons might usually suggest a one-sided contest, in this instance, the two truly do stand toe-to-toe.

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