The Month of May: A celebration of Italian Wines & the Giro d’Italia

Giro d'Italia Case

The Giro d'Italia is one of the world's most famous and prestigious cycling races, second only to the Tour de France. Known for its challenging courses, breathtaking scenery, and passionate fans, it attracts cyclists and spectators from all over the world. The race is not only a display of athletic prowess but is also a celebration of Italian culture, showcasing the unique regions, cuisines, and wines that make Italy such a beloved and captivating destination.

At Buon Vino, cycling is a 'seconda passione' of ours and it's our belief that it shares many similar themes with natural wine making. In order to excel in either craft, practitioners must commit themselves fully, often enduring long hours, physical exertion, and a willingness to make difficult choices in pursuit of their goals. Rob has written more excellent words on this comparison, here. 

As a tribute to the Giro, the month of May at Buon Vino will be a delectable celebration of all things Italian. Join us on a virtual journey through some of the most beautiful and diverse regions of Italy. From the rolling hills of Liguria to the snow-capped peaks of The Italian Alps, each has its own unique charm and character. Explore the rugged coastline of Marche, with its steep cliffs and picturesque fishing villages, or venture to the fertile plains of Emilia-Romagna, where some of Italy's most iconic culinary traditions were born. Discover the rugged beauty of Trentino, with its soaring mountains and pristine alpine lakes, or indulge in the rich wines and hearty cuisine of Piedmont, home to some of Italy's most renowned vineyards.

Do follow us on Instagram or Facebook for a deeper-dive into this months mixed case of Italian wines, sourced from the areas that the Giro traverses through, plus a closer look at several Italian wine regions. We will also be highlighting some lovely, traditional, regional food & wine pairings. 


Giro Case 2023

At Buon Vino, we try to be just a bit different.  Rather than fill our case with Barolo, Valpolicella and Prosecco, we have curated six fascinating bottles from lesser known origins. The wine is none the less delicious and showcases the diversity of Italy’s grapes and keeps fantastic value for money. Don’t forget all are also 100% natural production.

We hope you will enjoy watching this incredible race and drinking these delicious bottles.  Keep an eye out on Instagram for some food recommendations too.  Cin Cin.

STAGE 2 – Teramo – San Salvo – Rosso Piceno Aurora 2021

The stunning area of Ascoli Piceno is carpeted in vines and produces some of the best value red in Italy.  Franco Aurora makes natural wine here from his 18 hectares of vines and his wine is pure southern sunshine, super easy, serve chilled if hot, normal temp if not, goes with anything or on its own, soft, supple Montepulciano.

STAGE 10 – Scandiano – Viareggio – Lambrusco di Sorbara Visio Koi 2021

Flavio Restani is set to be the king of traditional Lambrusco.  His completely ‘hands off’ approach to wine making and superb vineyard sites make for exceptional quality wine.  The Sorbara is a light but textural pink wine with style and class and just to a touch of fizz, open carefully over the sink, it tends of to leap out of the glass initially!

STAGE 11 – Camaiore – Tortona – Vermentino Bianco Il Torchio 2021

Edoardo and Gilda Musetti make superb vermentino from their small farm in Castelnuovo Magra a few clicks from the Mediterranean.  Il Torchio Bianco named after the olive press at the old farm is a gorgeous white wine for any fish, soft cheese or veggie dishes.

STAGE 12 – Bra – Rivoli – Barbera Rossore Cantina Iuli 2018 

Cantina Iuli lies directly north of Asti and in the Barbera production zone of Piemonte.  They make several different Cuvee of natural Barbera, Rossore being one of the slightly older, richer and juicier examples, delicious with some Sausage and Pasta.

STAGE 13 – Borgofranco d’Ivrea – Crans Montana – Fendant Liaudisaz Marie Therese Chappaz 2021

Crans Montana lies at 1500 metres above the breathtaking Valais region.  The vines of Fendant cling to the south facing slopes and Marie Therese Chappaz makes some of the best at her incredible biodynamic farm based around Fully.  This wine is class in a glass.

STAGE 16 – Sabio Chiese – Monte Bondone – Riflesso Rosato Eugenio Rosi 2021

Monte Bondone was the scene of the one of the most famous exploits in the Giro’s history when the Legendary Luxembourg climber Charlie Gaul decimated the field in a snow storm and won by minutes.  About 10 km from its base is the small village of Volano where legendary Trentino wine maker Eugenio Rosi still plies his trade with his family’s help and his small patch of natural vines.  The deep coloured Rose from Cabernet and Marzemino is his most accessible and easy drinking wine but check out the others too, they are super.

The race sometimes has to battle the late Spring snows in the high mountains
Riding through the vines
The vines are ever present on the route that passes through some of Italy's most famous wine regions.
Mountains Giro
The mountains provide a magnificent backdrop
Charly Gaul
Charly Gaul the legendary Luxembourg climber collapses after reaching the summit of Monte Bondone in 1956. The mountain features on the route this year.