The Unparalleled English Wines from Davenport

In 1991, Will Davenport planted a 5-acre vineyard within the landscapes of Horsmonden in Kent, marking the advent of a journey that would result in the creation of some of England’s most refined natural wines. Fast-forwarding 32 years, Davenport Vineyards has blossomed into 24-acres, with vineyards spread across 5 parcels of land, with a diverse range of grape varieties, over an array of soils and microclimates.

Will took rather the leap of faith in 2000 and decided to convert his vineyards to organic viticulture, which presents challenges in the UK perhaps more so than in other, warmer climes. Even the relatively warm summers of the South East still carry a degree of unpredictability and as a result, the production levels vary each year, depending on the vagaries of weather and crop yield. To counter this, the team use copper and sulphur to control mildew, with the additional assistance from plant extracts derived from seaweed, comfrey and nettles. The vineyards also extend beyond the cultivation of grapes. They also host a small flock of Wiltshire Horn sheep, bees, and an abundance of wildlife and woodland.

Back in stock with us now is the highly-sought after new vintage of the Davenport Pet Nat, which never stays around for long and is thoroughly not to be missed! It’s a blend, featuring Auxerrois, Bacchus, Pinot Noir and Faber, with the resulting wine being ripe in fruit, but light and refined in its overall personality. The alcohol content is low, at just 10%, fermented by wild yeasts with no added sulphites, it’s a fresh, slightly cloudy, and absolutely joyous natural sparkler.