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Organic Wine

Organic wine covers the vineyards and grapes, this is the starting point for any good quality wine production and means the soils and vines have not been absorbing chemicals in the form of fertilisers and pesticides rather than the natural goodness found in healthy soils. Organic certification is a reliable stamp of approval that the wine has come from this type of vineyard. However, some of our wines are organic and not certified. These are also made respecting the environment with healthy soils as the cornerstone of the production. Some of these will appear in the organic section as we know the growers and trust the way they work.

For even more authenticity and quality, we look for organic wines that are also made with minimum intervention in the cellar and so most of the wines in this category will also by default appear in the 'Natural Wine' category. However, one or two may come from organic fruit but haven't been made with wild yeast and so appear only as organic wines.

We aim to source producers whose methods are in pursuit of quality and authenticity above all and we think all the wines reflect this whichever category they are in. Categories are in the end, simply a guide to help you.

Sometimes these artisan producers are organic by default, not because they set out to be. That is simply the way they have always done it and how their Fathers and Grandfathers did it, because it produces the best wine.