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French Wine

Natural wine from France. Well the French are pretty good at wine, in fact many would say that one can trace the origins of all that is great about wine back to France. Certainly the New World has a lot to thank the French for. Argentinian Malbec would not be the force it is without the wines of Cahors! The French have also been pioneers in the Natural Wine movement and also in Biodynamics. In terms of emotion, French wines are perhaps the most emotive in the world. A glass of Provence Rose literally transports you back to holidays in the sunshine and a soft supple Burgundy does the same. Each region of France has its own distinctive character and the diversity of grapes and styles in incredible, perhaps even greater than the Italians (don't tell them I said that!). France was where I fell in love with wine for the first time and I still believe that most of the finest wines in the world come from the spiritual homeland of the grape.

In this section, I have selected six wines which truly represent French 'Terroir', quality and natural production. This section wouldn't be complete without an entry from the mythical Coulee de Serrant vineyard and two of the three white wines are from the Loire showing how much I truly rate this region. The reds are a combination of great value for money, (something the French still do very well despite the myth of value wine coming from the New World) in the Cuvee des Galets and Gaillac Peyrouzelles, and pure finesse in the Pommard Fanny Sabre. These are six superb bottles and I highly recommend trying any for an authentic taste of the greatest wine producing nation.