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Our Favorite Funky Wines

Our best funky wines.....funky you ask, what do you mean? Well, the term can be used to describe wines which are the exact opposite of the mass produced homogenised wines of the mainstream. That is to say, organic, biodynamic and zero sulphur throughout so that they taste exactly as nature intended, unpredictable, nervy, wild but also delicious! These six bottles have had a particular influence on me, struck me with their honesty and genuine flavours but also that you want to drink several bottles. The Biodynamic Radiants from Ludovic Engelvin has to be one of the best Roses i ever tasted, Jason Ligas's barrel aged organic whites are an incredible mixture of complex flavours and drink-ability and Milan's Papillon Blanc, one of the most expressive natural whites you will come across which oozes pure Provence! Querciole is an orange wine with fizz and incredibly delicious, La Griffe is a stunning biodynamic Chateauneuf alternative and Gran Cerdo, well, a better glass of natural red at this price is hard to find. Try these wines if you love things natural and Raw!