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Rose Wine

In this category, you will find a range of fantastic Roses. Most Rose is made from red grapes and the colour is extracted from a short contact with the skin of the grapes. Most of the Roses in this category are dry although some are softer and rounder and fuller bodied whereas others are sharper, fresher and with higher acidity. Please look at the product attributes and descriptions to help you find the right style for you.

Most of the wines within this category are produced naturally however we have included some of our wines which are not 100% natural. Some of these are made using 'lutte raisonnee' in the vineyard meaning they aim to minimise their intervention and chemical use but are not 100% organic or natural. Some of these wines may be made with cultured rather than wild yeast and may have a higher sulphite level. However, we aim to find wines which are well made and offer a good quality/price ratio as well as a certain authenticity in the flavour even if they are not natural wines.

All the natural, organic and biodynamic wines in this category are marked as such in the product attributes under 'Production method'.