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Outis Bianco Vini Biondi 2015

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Additional Information

Production Method Natural
Country Italy Italian
Region Sicily, Italy
Producer Vini Biondi
Vintage 2014
Wine Type Dry White Wine
Wine Style Medium bodied
Grape Blend Carricante, cataratto, minnella
Alcohol 12.5%


The colour is straw yellow with a greenish hue. The nose is Intense, mineral and fruity with notes of apple, aniseed and bitter almond. The palate is dry harmonious, well structured, with well-balanced acidity and a lovely lingering finish. This is a wine of huge personality and ageing potential showing what the volcanic slopes of Etna can produce. Although pleasurable in its youth, this wines mineral character would develop superbly over the next 5-10 years!

Ciro Biondi is a real colourful character, well travelled and married to and English woman, Ciro resides on his native Etna and cultivates tiny plots of old vineyards in the incredible black volcanic soil of the mountain. His family have owned vines on the mountain since 1800, meaning the vines are very old and his methods are natural meaning yields are low. Some years, barely 1500 bottles of this delicious white wine are coaxed from his vines. The red too is in short supply. It is well worth buying some of Biondi's wines as they are the true taste of Etna and we tend to run out quickly!


2Reviews For Outis Bianco Vini Biondi 2015

  1. How good is this wine?

    Chris Lowe20/10/2016

    This is a complex but delicious wine. It rewards time taken to savour its depth and complex flavours. The flintiness or perhaps its pumice-like hits you like a shard of glass and accompanies the deception that this is quite a flat taste but this is a wine to be savoured. It rewards patience, its complex and multi-coloured flavours develop and penetrate to deliver an abundance of profound quality.
    I enjoyed this over Norwegian halibut at 10 Greek Street, who don't serve this wine (yet) but do allow you to bring your own.

  2. How good is this wine?


    Having read about this wine, we were excited to try it. It wasn't a cheap bottle, but obviously, in light of the Etna situation, handcrafted in difficult conditions and natural ... in a good (fresh) way. Lovely pure stony freshness, nectarine fruit, minerality and definitely a salty edge. It would have been good to have a few bottles to see how it aged.

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How good is this wine?