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Michelin Star Wine
Zero Added Sulphite[ Vegan
Pinot Grigio Radikon - Buon Vino Orange Wines
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Pinot Grigio 'SIVI' Radikon 2018 (Orange Wine)

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Additional Information

Recommended Michelin Star Wine
One Line Description Pinot Grigio Radikon, biodynamic wine, orange wine, low sulphur wine, delicious wine.
Production Method Natural, Organic, Biodynamic
Country Italy Italian
Region Friuli, Italy
Producer Radikon
Vintage 2018
Wine Type Orange Wine
Wine Style Full bodied
Grape Blend 100% Pinot Grigio
Alcohol 13.5% abv
Terroir Collio features sloped, terraced vineyards and soil – called “ponca” in dialect – that gives lots of minerality to the wines. Ponca, or flysch, has layers and blends of minerals from the prehistoric sea bed, clay and sandstone.
Total Sulphur Level 24 mg/l
Maturation 18 months in 35 hectolitre oak barrels
Annual Production 0 - 5,000 bottles
Ageing Potential Delicious in youth but structured enough to age at least 10 years
Production Detail Biodynamic, no added sulphur
Natural Features Zero Added Sulphites (Sulphur), Vegan, Hazy, Unfined, Funky Aromas, Unfiltered


Pinot Grigio SIVI Radikon, biodynamic wine, orange wine, low sulphur wine, delicious wine. Radikon Pinot Grigio is an orange wine which is impossible not to enjoy. Pinot Grigio from Italy has had its reputation shattered by the flood of cheap dull wines for the Trattoria of the UK and elsewhere. As a result many consider the grape only capable of neutral wines with little character. Those familiar with Alsace Pinot Gris (same grape) will know this is not the case and on tasting something like Radikon, you realise this is a grape capable of greatness. Radkion is Orange Wine made with approx 12 days maceration with the grape skins. (This type of wine is also often called Ramato in Friuli.) As the variety has a certain amount of colour in its skin when ripe the final wine has an intriguing pink/orange hue hence the name. The skin contact also imparts a huge array of interesting flavours, gives the wine body and texture and also an element of tannicity which far from being unpleasant adds a lovely savoury backbone to the wine. Radikon's example is superb. Although complex with notes of candied fruit, tangerine, and spice over a savoury pithy texture, it has immense freshness, high acidity and therefore easy drinkability. If you are unfamiliar with orange wine, this is the perfect wine to start with, absolutely delicious.

Radikon is a 12 hectare estate on the Slovenian border of Italy, and is a truly unique winery. The king of orange wines as far as we are concerned. Stanko Radikon captained this groundbreaking winery since 1995, paving the way for the natural wine movement. He realised that the local indigenous grape, Ribolla Gialla, needed to be treated differently to other varieties so he turned to his grandfather’s method of vinification, which involved seven days of skin maceration. Stanko experimented with this technique and today's wines have around three months of maceration, along with long periods of barrel and bottle ageing. Working this way has meant that he has been able to cut out the use of sulphites entirely. The specially designed bottles allow for better development in bottle, and he only uses the highest quality corks that avoid cork taint. His grape selection is so meticulous, it is usual for a whole vine to go into making just one single bottle. His wines are truly fascinating, with unbelievable complexity, high ageing potential and profound, wild, flavours.

Since Stanko passed away recently, his son Saša Radikon continues in his father's tradition, maintaining the same high standards.


5Reviews For Pinot Grigio 'SIVI' Radikon 2018 (Orange Wine)

  1. How good is this wine?

    Paola 01/03/2021

    Far from a common-or-garden Pinot Grigio - rhubarb, Dundee marmalade, yeast, cake, but dry and tough. Good, serious and food friendly. Improves with air. Really delicious,

  2. How good is this wine?


    With a freshness unrivalled and a following to be lauded.
    This is the one to crack open when we’re all allowed outside.

  3. How good is this wine?

    Jo Roberts13/09/2019

    Definitely not what you imagine Pinot Grigio to be. The colour is rich, deep orangey-pinky-red and very beautiful and the taste sublime. I highly recommend this wine!

  4. How good is this wine?


    Besr orange wine I’ve had

  5. How good is this wine?


    Unlike any other 'PG' you will taste - elegant, mineral and complex. Amber, hazy, dry, full of acidity, wondeful!

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How good is this wine?