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Primitivo Mocavero - Buon Vino Italian Wines
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Primitivo di Salento Mocavero 2018

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Additional Information

One Line Description Primitivo Francesco Mocavero, delightful, full bodied and juicy red wine, cassis, sweet spice, dark kirsch cherry, try with some duck and a sweet sauce.
Production Method Conventional
Country Italy Italian
Region Puglia, Italy
Producer Mocavero
Vintage 2018
Wine Type Red Wine
Wine Style Full bodied
Grape Blend 100% Primitivo
Alcohol 14% abv
Terroir Sandy soils
Annual Production 10 - 20,000 bottles
Production Detail Fruit picked very early to maintain the acidity and keep the wine fresh as well as fruity.


Primitivo di Salento Francesco Mocavero, delightful, full bodied and juicy red wine, cassis, sweet spice, dark kirsch cherry, try with some duck and a sweet sauce. Francesco Mocavero's best selling wine in the UK from Puglia's signature grape variety which does superbly well in the Salento region, trained to Albarello bushes in the sandy soils. The variety tends towards uppish alcohol and lower acidity when not kept in check but Mocavero's style has loads of freshness and finesse. The well balanced structure and alcohol complements the dark damson fruit and hints of spice. Unlike big production Primitivo, there is no stewed flavours, no sickly sweet sugar and no cloying texture. This is just lovely 'smooth' red to drink at any time with anything.

Francesco Mocavero, what a guy. When I first met him, he barely spoke, when asked about his wine, he said, 'e molto buono', that was it! But after a while his personality shone through as sure as the sun rises over his vines into a cloudless sky almost every day on his small wine farm in Lecce. A mild-mannered gentleman with impeccable style, Francesco understands the importance of picking early to preserve freshness in the wines from an otherwise overbaked region. He picks the Primitivo sometimes as early as the second week in August and by golly, it is fresh but at the same time, soft, full of fruit and with the characteristic dark cherry sweetness. Francesco is not a natural wine maker. He works his vineyard in as healthy a way as he can whilst ensuring a decent crop of grapes each year. All his wines offer great value for money and tend to suit most palates being some of the most approachable wines we sell. If you like red wine, try Mocavero, if you want a red for a gift then Mocavero is always a safe bet. Francesco is just like that, he is a man who likes to please. It is the Puglian way.


6Reviews For Primitivo di Salento Mocavero 2018

  1. How good is this wine?

    Christopher Bromley02/01/2019

    You'd be hard pressed to find fault with this Primitivo and for the price, it is an absolute steal.

    Pairs exceptionally well with a nice ragu, though I often drink it by itself, such is the tasty juiciness of it.

    I will be purchasing a lot more of this stuff!

  2. How good is this wine?

    Beckside Boys16/02/2018

    With a hint of chocolate - it never disappoints. Versatile and highly recommended and difficult to beat at the price.

  3. How good is this wine?


    Extremely happy with the Primitivo Salento,a very drinkable big red. Smooth and well rounded with an abundance of red fruits, highly recommended.

  4. How good is this wine?

    Primitivo Salento19/12/2017

    Light, fruity, with perfect smooth taste. Highly recommended.

  5. How good is this wine?

    Mary-Jean Avery-Smith19/04/2017

    I am not a great conneseaur of wines and I always bought from supermarkets until I placed my first order for Christmas at Buon Vino where I found my favourite wine "La Tour de By" a Medoc. My next order was the Cote du Rhone were i made an excellent choice. Last week I went for the wines from Puglia Italy where when I visited my uncle who lived in Puglia for many years made me taste what he said the best wines from Italy are from the Puglia region and I agreed with him! I highly recommend anyone to try these magnificent wines. Buon Vino for me You Are The Best! X

  6. How good is this wine?

    Carlo D20/02/2017

    I tried this wine in a restaurant and fell in love with it. Being from puglia myself I've tried quite a few local wines but this one tops the list for the moment. I was charged 3 times the price I paid on buonvino by the restaurant. I got 4 bottles of Mocavero on my first order. And no, I don't work for them by the way : )

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How good is this wine?