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A Vita

Ciro is one of Italy's most ancient wine producing regions. They reckon the Greeks started it all down on the coast thousands of years ago and wine has been an integral part of the life and culture for as log as Calabrians can look back. A Vita - To Life! (Cin Cin to that!) is a small property of 8 hectares with some vines just a stones throw from the coastline and others a little further land towards the mountains. Viticulture is all organic and natural, fermentations are spontaneous and maturation without additives and very little sulphites. The wines are crafted only from autoctonous varieties some of the most ancient in Italy, Greco Bianco and Nero, Magliocco and Gaglioppo. The wines are a wonderful expression of the Mediterranean, with notes of wild scrub and herbs intertwined with the salt of the sea. The red Ciro is the most elegant example of this often overly rustic wine we have tasted.