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Domaine Abbatucci

Situated in South Corsica in the Taravo valley, the domaine Comte Abbatucci was founded in 1950. With 18 hectares (over 100 hectares for the entire domaine) of vineyards planted on granite slopes, the domaine is a veritable museum of Corsican viticultural history and heritage. Antoine Abbatucci, father of the current winemaker Jean-Charles Abbatucci, was a passionate man and was devoted to local grape varieties. He was asked in the 1970's to preserve the indigenous grape varieties of the 'Ile de Beauté' (the Island of beauty). He planted the vines between 1963 and 1976 and successfully saved them from extinction thus preserving over 400 years of history and heritage.

Winemakers for nearly a century, Jean-Charles naturally followed the footsteps of his father and became the winemaker of the domaine. Since 2000, he guided the domaine towards biodynamic principles and also joined the association Renaissance des Appellations (created by Nicolas Joly, Clos de la Coulée de Serrant). 100 metres above sea level between the olive trees and the Corsican maquis, the vineyards are respected and carefully taken care of by Jean-Charles. The domaine grows a delightful range of indigenous grape varieties such as: Vermentino, Niellucio, Sciaccarello and Barbarossa.

Descending directly from Napoléon Bonaparte and faithful to the Corsican charm, Jean-Charles Abbatucci is a proud defender of the tradition and the environment. Ambitious, passionate and keenly aware of his land as a jewel of nature, he has managed to reconcile the tradition of the Corsican terroir and the modernity of the biodynamic viticulture.