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Andrea Scovero

Andrea Scovero is based in Bionzo in the Asti zone of Piemonte, a historic aea for the production of the fantastic Barbera grape. Andrea is a wine maker and an artist, he took over from his father and converted his 2.5 hectare farm to natural production. His aim was simple to produce the type of wine which he wants to drink himself. Andrea is a humble man, a quiet artisan, he is in love with his land, his work and with all the people who share this agricultural way of life. Andrea is searching for the right harmony between the wealth of nature and man's intelligence. To many people the result are very good indeed, the production is small and often the difficulty is getting hold of the wine. We are lucky enough to have found him and we love his Barbera (and the superb Dolcetto, a few cases on the way!). The wines have a farm worker's honesty, alive , real, with the colours of the spring. His Barbera is one of contrast, subtle yet intense, delicate and yet with a robust heartiness. It works well with hearty Pork and Beef dishes but also from the fridge on a hot day, it is a belter!

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