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Ricardo Diogo de Freitas took over the winemaking at the family firm in 1993, and hasn't looked back. He has been the first to install robotic lagares on the island, the first to bottle vineyard specific Tinta Negra, the first to not bottle anything with added caramel, and so the list goes on. Single Cask bottlings, whilst thought of as revolutionary on Madeira, when Ricardo launched the first one (in modern times) in 2003, were really only inspired by the way things were done in older times. Madeira is one of those wines which always has everyone flocking at trade tasting events, we buy loads of bottles, proudly display them on our shelves and talk about them with gusto and really buys them! Why not, Madeira has it all, flavour, freshness, complexity, (extra booze of course) and a myriad of style which mean you can have them with virtually any food going!