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Cantina del Barone

The tiny 2.5 hectare estate of Cantina del Barone lies tucked away in the Hills of Cesinali in the province of Avellino. In fact, from the road, you would barely notice it is there, so small and hidden away is the vineyard. The estate was owned by a Neapolitan Count who entrusted it to the Sarno family to look after for nearly a century. Antonio Sarno's dream became reality when in the early 80's he finally bought estate and planted the first vines of Fiano. In the late 90's the estate was taken over by Antonio's son Luigi, who, after studying Oenology at University in Puglia, returned to the family farm to breath a new life into the business and start to make World Class Fiano. From the outset, Luigi has been committed to natural production, the vineyard is now certified organic, all the wines are fermented with wild yeast in small stainless steel 'Cuve' and he uses only tiny amounts of sulphur at bottling. The wines have generally about 35 mg/l of total sulphur. Luigi is passionate about his vineyard, he operates the whole place single handed and as well as acting as wine maker and consultant for his friend Angelo at Cantina dell'Angelo up the road in Tufo. He is also one of the nicest and most humble wine makers you can meet and his wines are an honest reflection of his personality. He produces only about 12000 bottles a year of Fiano in two distinctive Cuvee. Paone for early drinking and the richer and smokier Particella 928 for longer ageing. The wines are pure and delicious and are getting better and better every year.

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