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Chateau la Coste

Chateau la Coste has to be one of the most impressive vineyards and wine making installations in France if not the world! 124 hectares of biodynamic production, surrounded by the beauty of the Bouches du Rhone and peppered with some of the most incredible sculptures and artistic creations you will ever see (in a vineyard!). It is the brain child of Paddy Mckillen, Irish property magnate and art fanatic and is run by top biodynamic producer Mattieu Cosse of domain Cosse Maissoneuve in Cahors. Although the vineyard is a totally natural and sustainable production, we are not talking about old fashioned, cobwebs in the cellar wine making here. The winery is state of the art, the fermentation is natural but takes place in elegant stainless steel vats housed in the beautiful 'Chai' designed by French architect Jean Nouvel to reflect the spherical shape of old Provencal agricultural buildings. The vineyard is dotted with amazing artistic works and sculptures by famous names such as Tracey Emin and Frank O. Gehry and visitors flock from all over the world to visit, sample the wines and wander the vineyards. This is a unique and magical place that gives birth to delicious wine. All the wines are pure, clean, biodynamic but not funky, precise and fresh but with weight and depth to match. For the quality, the prices are also outstandingly good!

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