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Clos Ouvert

You know you are talking about a boutique winery when you put the name into google and no info comes up! This little band of Frenchman from the Loire Valley led by the rogue of Chilean wine making, Louis-Antoine Luyt have had a tough time of it trying to establish their naturally produced wines. On top of the many difficulties of establishing biodynamic production and trying to make fine wine from the unesteemed local Pais variety, they were hit by the earth quake that desimated large parts of Chile in 2009. They lost a lot of that year's production and Louis-Antoine was himself trapped in the devastation for some time. Louis Antoine is a bit of a force of nature himself and his wines have a wildness to them. Sometimes, it isn't quite right, sometimes the bottle just doesn't sing, almost like (Louis himself) it can't be bothered. But when the Clos Ouvert wine wants to speak to you, you are captivated and very possibly will fall in love. If great wine is like art, Louis Antione Luyt and his Clos Ouvert wines are as artistic as they come.

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