Domaine Belluard

Domaine Belluard is situated in the village of Ayze high in the valley between Geneva and Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

The vineyards have been established here since the 13th century and grow at 450m altitude on exposed south-facing slopes where the soil is composed of glacial sediments. The Alpine climate ensures a big temperature difference between day and night, ensuring both physiological maturity in the grapes as well as good acidity. Patrick and Dominique Belluard make use of the virtually unique ancient grape Gringet said to be related to the Savagnin grape of Jura. It’s a grape that is as clean as the mountain air with fresh acidity. No malolactic fermentation, just bright, crystalline fruit. In 2001 the vineyards started undergoing a total conversion to biodynamic viticulture and today the whole production is natural, favouring fermentation in cement ovoid betons. Wonderful wines from this unique terroir.

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