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Domaine de la Soumade

The superstar of Rasteau is André Roméro who produces five Cuvées of drop-dead delicious red wine.' I don't often quote Robert Parker (i think of him as Mr Manipulation!) but i think he has good judgement on this one. When working for Majestic wines in my early days, i used to visit an excellent little independent wine shop at West Jesmond Station called Richard Granger. There i often bought a couple of bottles of Romero wine simply to taste something from the Rhone which tasted like real wine (let's be honest, the Majestic offering was a bit thin on the ground) and being single and living alone I would happily see of a bottle with a steak and DVD, happy days! Since then, I have always had a special liking for these hearty reds, not always perfect and sometimes a touch too rich for me nowadays, there is nonetheless a lovely, warming chunkiness about them which is always very enjoyable, particularly on cold nights with some hearty food. Andre practices 'Lutte Raisonnee' in the vineyards and only sprays when absolutely necessary. He doesn't use chemical fertilsers and instead employs organic composts when needed.