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Domaine de la Tournelle

Evelyne and Pascal Clairet own 7 hectares in the region around Arbois, the famous wine growing capital of the Jura. They farm biodynamically and follow Maria Thun's calender in all their operations. They use no sulphur at bottling, but sometimes add 2 or 3 grams per litre earlier in the wine making. Unlike many Jura producers, they are looking to avoid oxygen in most of their wines (the Vin Jaune and Vin de Paille are oxidised) to keep the freshness of the fruit. There wines are a combination of golden chardonnay fruit and Jura minerals. They are linear and precise and have the most incredible texture of any chardonnay i have tasted. Top Burgundy wines sell for incredible prices but in terms of quality, complexity and sheer pleasure to drink, i have not come across many Chardonnay that rival the wines of Domaine de la Tournelle. Their Savagnin is also of outstanding quality and the salty twang allied to minerals and crisp elegance make it a stunning food pairing wine. For those who appreciate the unusual yet mezmerising flavours of Vin Jaune, their's is one of the most delicate and elegant you will find.