Domaine de L'Achilee, JEAN and PIERRE DIETRICH

The Dietrich family has farmed land in Alsace since 1600 (mostly in this village of Scherwiller but also in an adjacent village). In the past the family farm used to be run on the basis of polyculture however the family now concentrate on growing grape vines and other fruit.

In 1999 Yves converted the estate to organic farming (at the time he would sell his grapes to the local Cave cooperative). Pierre and Jean took over the responsibility of the winery in 2016, and were the first members of the family to bottle the estate’s wines. The estate has been farmed with biodynamics ever since 2003.

It contains 18.5 hectares of vines and also 6 hectares of fruit trees from which the family also produces Pet. Nats from black and red cherries, Damson and Victoria plums. ’Achillee’ (pronounced ‘Ackillay’) is the name of the plant Achillea Millefolium (Common Yarrow in English), that is used as an infusion in biodynamic farming, it grows very naturally in vineyards, and it is sometimes planted intentionally
in by vignerons for its ability to enhance the antifungal powers of plants growing near to it, therefore reducing the necessity of regular sulphur spraying on vines. It is also planted for its capacity to contribute coolness and energy to the vine plants in the summer heat.
Pierre comments that, ever since his family converted its vineyard to biodynamic farming, this flowering plant has grown up quite naturally amongst all their vines and, even though the Dietrich family’s estate
contains five different soil profiles and several different micro-climates

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