Domaine Josmeyer

It’s less common to find a producer that moves as comfortably with the ‘iconic’ label in conventional wine circles as it does in the Biodynamic world, but for Josmeyer, this is the case. Perhaps it’s the history associated with the estate; or perhaps it’s that insightfully and traditionally made wines from high quality grapes in the end, create few enemies. 

The estate was established in 1854 in the charming village of Wintzenheim and spans over 28 hectares of prime Alsatian terroir. The Meyer family has owned and operated the winery for five generations. In the 1990s, Jean Meyer made the bold decision to shift the estate to organic and biodynamic practices, which is credited with transforming it into one of the premier wineries in Alsace. After his passing, his daughters, Celine and Isabelle, took over the management of the winery and now produce the stunning wines made today. 

Wintzenheim’s low annual rainfall, which is among the lowest in France, benefits the estate, which comprises five unique terroirs, two of which have achieved Grand Cru status: Hengst and Brand. At Josmeyer grapes are carefully handpicked and pressed before undergoing natural fermentation in 100-year-old casks, where they are aged on the lees. Josmeyer’s wines are renowned for their freshness, complexity, and minerality, with each of the five terroirs contributing to the distinct expressions of the grape varieties.

Josmeyer Sisters

Celine and Isabelle Meyer

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