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Emmanuel Giboulet

Emmanuel Giboulet is somewhat of a renegade in the Burgundy bubble, resisting wholeheartedly the use of chemicals and pesticides in the vineyard. This behaviour risked getting him landed in jail when the appellation called for all vineyards to be sprayed with a chemical to protect the spread of 'flavescence dorée' and he refused. Luckily his approach has stood the test of time and after starting his natural vineyard with just one hectare, he has now grown his holdings to nearly 10 with small plots all over the Cotes de Beaune and some in Cotes de Nuits. He remains committed to his principles and he even has the enviable reputation of being 'supposedly' the only producer in Burgundy never to chaptalise his wines. The reds have a crunchy sourness to them which is testament to his never 'sweetening them up' with sugar. A purist through and through, for pure, authentic Burgundy, Giboulot is your man.