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Express Wine Makers

Express Winemakers is built on the notion that wine should express a sense of place. It is a collaboration between good mates Ryan and Pete, who upon returning to Western Australia on the back of an endless vintage around the globe for several years, were thoroughly bored by the local wines at home that all tasted more or less the same. After tasting the flavours and textures that grapes and yeast were capable of, they thought that local vineyards with their perfect climates weren’t being done justice and took it upon themselves to create soulful and expressive wines. Based in Western Australia’s Great Southern Wine Region they seek out naturally balanced vineyards as it makes their job a lot easier as they can just kick back and let the native yeast do their thing in true minimal intervention wine making style. They produce a number of expressive single vineyard wines as well as some wackier blends, which express a great sense of fun. Expressive wines with no expectations.