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Feudi D'Ugni

There are some wines which just hit you like 'un colpo di fulmine', and Feudo d'Ugni are such wines. It is the purity, the taste of the ground and nature in all its wonderful imperfections. In writing this summary, we came across a great passage which sums up this fabulous artisan, farmer and winemaker perfectly: 'In vigna, invece, tocca essere se stessi fino in fondo, bisogna fondersi con l'ambiente, ascoltarlo, capirlo, interpretarlo, mettere da parte l'effimero ed essere lucidi, attenti, rispettosi. Cristiana Galasso è certamente tutto questo, lo si percepisce nell'assaporare i suoi vini, stupendamente concreti e privi di orpelli, montepulciano e trebbiano, rigorosamente, testimoni di un'antica viticoltura abruzzese, terragni ma non privi di quel tocco che solo una donna è in grado di possedere, che sia scultrice, musicista o vignaiuola poco importa, verrà sempre alla luce.' Which roughly translated means.....

'In the vineyard, however, you must be yourself all the way, you have to become one with the environment, listen, understand, interpret, set aside the ephemeral and be lucid, attentive, respectful. Christiana Galasso is certainly all that, you can feel it as you savour her wines, wonderfully firm and devoid of frills, Montepulciano and Trebbiano only, bear witness to an ancient tradition of Abruzzo wine making, earthy but not without the subtlety that only a woman is able to produce, whether she be sculptor, musician or vintner does not matter, it will always come through in what she does.' The description maybe indulgent, but it describes these superb wines very well indeed. Christiana lives at the foot of the Majella mountains amidst the woods of San Velntino, she works her land alone and produces marvellous wine that brings pleasure every time you open the bottle.

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