Filey Bay Whisky

Filey Bay, an innovator in the realm of English single malt whiskies, is the flagship product of the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery. Nestled amidst the idyllic scenery of Yorkshire’s charming coastline, the distillery took root in 2016 with an ambitious vision to introduce a fresh tradition of whisky-making in the region. In 2019, their first batch was bottled, and it promptly solidified their reputation as one of England’s top-tier whisky producers.

The distillery’s production process is a genuine ‘field-to-bottle’ endeavour; it grows all of its barley in the fields that encircle the distillery. The whiskies, with their light, balanced flavors of honey, citrus, and caramel, reveal a distinctive fruitiness that sets them apart.

Named after the stunningly picturesque Filey Bay located nearby, the whiskies echo the area’s unique character, landscape, and climate. They challenge the conventional understanding of English whisky, reflecting their geographical origins in their taste and presentation, creating a tangible sense of place with every sip.

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Filey Whisky Flagship
Filey Bay Whisky STR
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