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Founded by Georg Fromm, a fourth generation Swiss winemaker in the late 80's, the name Fromm signifies the journey made from the old world to the new and is a signature element of intuitive winemakers, Hatsch Kalberer (the Swiss traditionalist & first to make Kiwi Pinot Noir) and William Hoare (Kiwi modernist) throughout the range. The Fromm philosophy places terroir over technology and grape quality over quantity with dedication to producing proper, intense, concentrated wines. Fromm are passionate about their vineyard health believing that careful canopy management should result in little requirement for the use of sprays as healthy grapes free of harmful residues make better wines. Fromm Vineyard has been free of systemic sprays for many years and now with the advent of mechanical undervine weeders is now weed spray free as well. The company has been slowly learning about biodynamic practices, each year gaining a better understanding of what works well. Recently it was decided to run Fromm Vineyard as a fully organic vineyard, with the assistance of biodynamic practices alongside. It is hoped that it will be possible to extend an organic/biodynamic programme across all of the vineyards. The future of Fromm lies in caring for the health of the vineyards, the environment and the people who work together with them.

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