Wii Gonzalo Grijalba

The back label.

…..Gran Cerdo is a great wine dedicated to the bank executives that denied loans to us on the basis that wine is not a seizable asset. One day, these greasy and sweaty corporate suits will find that the best things in life cannot be impounded. Thanks to our friends help, we were finally able to bottle this wine. Now you can enjoy it with pasta or ham.

Wii Gonzalo Grijalba was born in Logroño, Spain and grew up among the vineyards that his parents cultivated in Fuenmayor. After several years of training in various parts of the wine-making world, she returned to start her own project. Fiercely protective of the terroir of her family vineyards Gonzalo rejects market driven fashions, formulae, chemical treatments and conformism. Instead she has sought out her own methods with respect for the land, the vineyards, and the traditions of her forefathers. She balances this respect with formal training in the latest enological techniques and methods.

Her philosophy come’s in part from her father’s illness caused by years of working with chemical herbicides and pesticides in the family vineyards.  During this period the soil itself suffered as well, losing its vitality as well as its ecosystem.  Wii Gonzalo has worked hard to restore the vitality of the vineyards, and has revived natural treatments and biodynamic practices to maintain healthy vineyards.

The resulting wine is some of the best value naturally made wine on the market and despite pressure on prices in recent years, all three wines still represent fantastic value and also exceptionally friendly natural drinking.

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Gran Cerdo Tempranillo
Gran Cerdo Rosado

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