Hatozaki Distillery

Hatozaki - Kaikyo Distillery

Hatozaki is a highly regarded Japanese whisky producer, celebrated for its masterful blends of meticulously selected whiskies from all over Japan.

The distillery is named after Japan’s oldest stone lighthouse; which is listed as a historical monument and is seen as a symbol of security and guidance. Hatozaki whiskies are similarly seen to be a reflection of tradition and craftsmanship. Its brand is part of the Kaikyo distillery, which forms part of the long-standing Akkeshi brewery- a sake producer with over 150 years of history.

Their products are famed for a gentle, balanced character, exemplifying the subtlety and complexity that is synonymous with Japanese whiskies. Ageing often takes place in sherry, bourbon or Mizunara oak, providing additional depth and complexity to blends of malts of various ages and origins, done so with exceptional precision.

Hatozaki Distillery
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Hatozaki Japanese Whisky

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