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Hatzidakis wines are one of the most recent creations of Santorini vineyards. The winemaker and oenologist, Haridimos Hatzidakis, worked for other wine companies before finally settling in Santorini. He produced his first wine back in 1997, and since then he has put his name strong on the Santorini and Greek wine map. The Santorini vineyard provided a challenge. Most of his vineyards are on the outskirts of the village of Pyrgos Kallistis at a height of 150-300 metres facing north to north-east. He renovated an old ‘canava’, near the village of Pyrgos (the ‘canava’ is a type of building unique to Santorini. It is built below ground, the roof has the shape of a dome and the building has all the necessary climatic characteristics for the vinification, storing and aging of wines). He has worked organically from the beginning and since then he has managed to apply organic viticulture to every plot of land. The vines are amazing, curled into bird’s nest shapes on the bare ashy soil for protection from the strong winds. Coming off the sea, the nocturnal fog brings needed water to the vines during the hot summer nights and together with the refreshing northerly winds provide excellent growing conditions for the creation of the superb Santorini wines.

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