Il Torchio

Il Torchio is the name given to the traditional olive press to be found in every village along the Ligurian coast in the past.

The locals would all press their own olives at the same Torchio and distribute the virgin oil amongst themselves. Luigi Tendola always had such a press.  For generations at Il Torchio they been pressing the local olives in their home town of Castelnuovo Magra. The wine production came later when Giorgio took over from his father.  He started to bottle wines under the Colli di Luni appellation using local varieties Vermentino and the rare Vermentino Nero.

This was start but this tiny winery has been revolutionised by Giorgio’s children Gilda and her brother Edoardo.  They are 4th generation wine makers and have taken the traditional wine making of their region and added a bit of funk! 

Nowadays at Il Torchio, the vines are farmed organically.  The wine making is natural with indigenous yeasts, steel tanks, and virtually no fining, filtration or sulphur. The wines are classic in flavour with just a little funky twist.  They are deliciously fresh and natural.  The unusual Logorroico from Vermentino Nero being is delicious with its resinous flavours and soft red fruits.  Have this with a classic Coniglio alla Liguriana.  The more well known Vermentino Bianco has just a touch of light skin contact.  It is ripe and soft, full of sunshine and vibrancy and perfect for Pesto Genovese.

The super cool labels designed by well known Italian artist Giorgio Musante, represent the vibrancy and youth of the wine makers and also the sunshine in the wine!

Il Torchio Natural Wine

Designer labels, delicious Vermentino

Designer labels, delicious Vermentino

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Logorroico Il Torchio

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