Intellego - Jurgen Gouws

‘As humans we strive towards an ideal life in order to fulfil our destiny and our everyday life is part of this exciting process.

We are very fortunate to be part of this cycle through our work in vineyards and its continuity in the cellar. The final product in bottle is a true celebration of what happens in the vineyard.’– Jurgen GouwsJurgen is such a nice guy, big smile, easy manner and great fun over lunch with plenty of natural wine as I experienced when meeting him on a very hot say in Stellenbosch. He is part of the Swartland revolution which is producing more and more exciting young wine makers with a desire to experiment and not held back by the considerable weight of tradition and conservatism in the SA wine world. Like many of his contemporaries, he buys fruit from organic growers but is also trying to establish his own vines in the arid, near desert like environment that is Swartland. Also like many new wave wine makers in Swartland, his philosophy is natural, sustainable production all the way. No additives, yeasts, no heavy extraction and new oak barrels. He aims for freshness and drinkability and he achieves it. The bottles and labels are fun and informal and that is the hallmark of what these guys are trying to achieve, to make wines for everyone which do not need over-intellectualising or stuffy dinner tables. That said, do not underestimate the serious hard work, knowledge and understanding which lies behind the fun. Intellego may look like bottles of fun fruit juice but they are quality wines are all way.

Intellego Pink Moustache Shiraz
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Pink Moustache Intellego

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