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Domaine Jacques Maillet

Jacques Maillet is nearing retirement and with no immediate successor, it looks possible that the wines may be lost and this would be a tragedy. Jacques came to biodynamics after a 3 year battle with cancer, which he blamed on the chemicals he had exposed himself to while working in the vineyard. Since 2003 his entire winery has been converted to biodynamics, after the initial success of Autrement Rouge, his first wine to be produced naturally. The vineyards of Domaine Jacques Maillet are planted on the hillsides of two lieu-dits overhanging the Rhône river: Les Vignes du Seigneur and Le Cellier des Pauvres. The soil is composed of molasse (marine sediments) and limestone screes which produces great acidity in the wines. The vines are South West facing exposed to the sun and planted at an altitude between 250 and 380 metres above sea level. The vines are very old with an average of 47 years and some vines of Mondeuse streching back over 100 years. He also grows Altesse, Jacquere and Gamay, among other varieties. Any treatments required for the vines use plant extracts and teas in place of synthetic chemicals, and the lunar calendar is used throughout the process. In addition, only indigenous yeast is used. The vines are grown at between 250 and 380 metres elevation.The wines above all are electifying in their precision and intensity. They have great ageing potential, and in youth are zippy and full of life. His last vintage was produced in 2015.