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Juan Gil

Since 1916, Juan Gil Giménez, and subsequently his decendents, have been operating a small winery located in the very center of Jumilla. The current generation work with respect for traditions and quality and have since moved operations ten kilometers northwest of the city, within the area called "Termino de Arriba", (known as being the highest altitude of Jumilla) the best area for wine making within the region. With hot summers of intense sun, long and cold winters, a difference of 25ºC between day and night, almost total absence of rainfall, and with a dry and stony ground, Mourvedre is well suited to this climate and the vines work hard to produce grapes with high concentration. The winery is fitted with the state of the art technology: rigorous temperature control of wine, stainless steel tanks, and excellent hygienic conditions throughout the process, so as to assure the highest quality levels year on year. Today, all the members of the family are committed to achieving the best quality of their grapes and wines, and at the same time, always with the respect for the environment.