Ktima Ligas

Since ancient times, the region of Pella, situated in northern Greece, not far from the border with Macedonia was associated with wine making and described as the mother of wine, where vines abound.

Jason Ligas and his Sister Meli continue the work of their Father Thomas and have succeeded in turning the normally dull Roditis grape into something very special.  Thomas Ligas converted to natural farming in the 80s after following the ideas set out by renowned Japanese farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka (1913-2008).  Fukuoka’s approach to agriculture was called, ‘do nothing’.  He was a Japanese researcher in plant pathology who subsequently became an experimental farmer and promoter of natural farming.  His philosophy has also been described as ‘Steiner without cow horns’ 

Thomas Ligas followed Fukuoka’s teachings.  By reducing the yield of his grapes through natural farming, he was able to express the terroir and show the grapes potential.  The soils are loamy-sand with very good drainage.  The natural environment is expressed in Ligas’ stunningly fresh and complex white wines.  The reds are pretty rare and only made in good years but are also wines to be savoured. The wines all carry a unique personality and expressive aroma which we have come to call ‘The Ligas Nose!’

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