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Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery is a small-scale, artisanal cider producer based in Herefordshire. Simply put, they make some of the best, most complex, most balanced and most vinous ciders in the UK.

Each apple is hand-picked and hand-selected. The fruit is aged in small crates until the balance of acid, sugar and tannin is just right, before milling and pressing commences. The high-quality fruit and natural yeasts do the work from there. The ciders ferment slowly, often aged in old oak barrels and can be left to mature for months, or even years.

Founded by Susanna and James Forbes in 2014; they began in their dream orchard in Thornbury, North Herefordshire, with 120 trees with four classic apple varieties. They embarked on a quest from there to focus on a wider range of traditional varieties, the best quality fruit and using natural methods to fashion ciders and perries with complexity and purity. Their aim was to make ciders with the character and structure to match food, ciders for all seasons, and ciders worthy of celebrating with. They now achieve this so consistently across a brilliantly wide range of styles. Try any Pomona cider and you won’t be disappointed.

Hard Rain Hot Pink Little Pomona
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