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Can Mayol, which bottles under the trademarked name “Loxarel,” is a winery that has been farming organically for more than a decade. The Mitjan family, owners of Can Mayol, also employ some biodynamic treatments. Half of the vines are situated around the cellars and main house, which dates from the 14th century, not far from Vilafranca. The other half lie about half an hour away up an incredibly steep track at 800 metres in what feels like another world, half way to heaven! The winery is basic and all the better for it – they don’t waste energy or money on modern technology or fancy architecture. Intriguingly, however, there are a few amphorae in the small barrel cellar, part of the Mitjan’s commitment to experimenting and producing a range of natural wines. They keep animals, including chickens, a horse and a donkey named Garnatxa