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Marie and Mathieu Lapierre

Marie Lapierre is the wife of Morgon's esteemed Marcel Lapierre, and Mathieu is their son. Together they work 13 hectares of vines and produce naturally made Gamay in and around Morgon. Aiming to express the terroir as fully as possible, these wines are made with limited intervention - low sulphur, organic viticulture since 1980 and natural fermentation. Harvest always takes place by hand. The grapes undergo semi-carbonic maceration, which is in keeping with the Beaujolais style. The soil is acidic granite which is poor in minerals, making the grapes work hard. Their wines are something of an oxymoron, as they are at once extremely good fun, bright, approachable and picnic-perfect; but also a real expression of terroir and serious winemaking. We love them.