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Matthieu Barret

Domaine de Coulet is a wine estate of 16 hectares in Cornas in the northern Rhone valley. Mattieu Barret, (nicknamed 'Le Petit Ours Brun') took over from his father and since then the estate has grown in stature the point of being recognised as one of, if not the leading winery in the appellation. Mattieu's philosophy is simple, to allow his incredible natural terroir to create grapes of such exceptional quality that the wine makes itself virtually without the hand of man. Sounds easy hey? Well if it was, we would all be doing it! The key is family vineyard passed down through the generations which boasts some of the best terroir for Syrah in the world. 'Gore' is decomposed granite and this very poor ground forces the vines very, very deep in search of nutrients and on the way, they pick up the minerals and complexities that only nature can give you and transport them into the grape and then the wine. This is majestic Syrah, the power of the south with the elegance of the north. Yields are very low, as low as 15 hectolitres per hectare and the wine is simply stunning.

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