Michel Grisard

Savoie, France

Michel Grisard bought the ruins of Prieuré Saint-Christophe in 1978 and began tending the vines.

He had previously spent 10 years working on his father's vineyard, but left in 1982 to run Prieuré full time, with the aim of making Mondeuse a famous grape. His first vintage was released in 1983 and since then his wines have gone strength to strenth, converting to biodynamics 10 years later. He is now referred to as the Pope of Mondeuse, and it's largely thanks to him that the grape variety has the reputation that it does today. His 5.4 hectare estate spans two villages, one of calcareous soil, the other clay-limestone. Most of the vineyard is dedicated to Mondeuse though just over a hectare is given to Altesse (or Rousette). Michel produced his last vintage in 2014, and since then the vineyards have been managed by Clement Giachino, son of Frederic who runs Domaine Giachino.

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