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Paolo Vodopivec

Paolo and Valter Vodopivec, two brothers based in the Carso (or Karso in Friulian, this has got to be the source of the some of the best orange, cloudy and generally delicious, wackiest wines in the World, that is wacky is a very good way, no funksters for the sake of it here, this is the genuine stuff, wines of precision and finesse....but still a bit wacky, anyway i digress...) where the soils are hard, stoney, very difficult to break up and rich in iron. The watch word for the white wines is without doubt, SKIN! These guys make Vitovska, only Vitovska and make it very well indeed. The yield for each vine is just 500 grams of fruit per vine, that is barely a bunch of grapes per plant and the only reason they can get enough to make the wine is that they planted over 10 000 vines per hectare! They learnt from the great Josko Gravner but didn't agree with all he did and so eschewed oak barrel ageing for Georgian Amphora, there is a story about that too. It is told that that the Georgian Mafia didn't allow Paolo to take the clay pots away unless some under the table dealing took place, whatever, Poalo fortunately avoided ending up 'sleeping with the fishes' and his winery still has the Georgian pots buried safely in the Carso ground. The Vitovska (a cross between Prosecco and Malvasia) undergoes a wild fermentation with long skin contact in the Amphora without adding anything at all, no sulphur, no yeast, nothing to stabilise the wine and no temperature control. It is bottled without fining or filtration.