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Pier Luigi Zampaglione

Pier Luigi Zampaglione planted a few hectares of Fiano at his farm high up in the hills of Irpinia near Calitri. It is at 800 metres above sea level and this has a huge impact on the wine adding naturally high acidity keeping the wine fresh and helping it to age. The soils are a combination of silt, dark clay and some areas of silica and sand. Organic and natural from the start, Pier Luigi makes the wine slightly differently each year depending on the quality and style of the vintage. In 2010 he made 5 days of skin contact, in the 2011, 20 days and in 2012 and 13, 10 days. These are orange wines but not as extreme as some. The 2011 was pretty orangy and very spicy, the 2013 more elegant with less skin contact flavour. Whatever the year, the wines are fascinating and delicious.

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