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Pierre Luneau-Papin

Pierre Luneau studied with the renowned Emile Peynaud and has been making excellent Muscadet for years. His Domaine du Verger wine from the schists of Landreau (20km south east of Nantes) smacks of Petit Chablis: white flowers, stones and water. The production is largely (although not completely) organic utilising organic manures and 'lutte raisonnée' in the vines One of the unusual features of Muscadet, according to the Hachette Guide, is that it is not named after a geographical or historical area, but that the name probably dates from the Middle Ages when Muscat grapes from Cyprus acquired a reputation at feudal courts. After the great frost of 1709 the vineyard was replanted with the Burgundian grape variety, Melon de Bourgogne which remains to this day.