Pol Opuesto

Pol Andsnes set out to make skin contact Torrontes in Argentina.  This grape which has become Argentina’s answer to easy drinking fruity white often leaves you unimpressed.  Many of the wines are mainstream and pretty dull.  Then along came Pol!  He searched for a long time to find the right vineyard site.  Eventually, he came across what was the only parcel of Torrontés in the famous Gualtallary region of Tupungato, one known for its higher altitudes, calcareous soils and cooler climate.  These conditions yield higher acid and elegance in the grapes, exactly what Pol Opuesto wine is looking for.

Pol Opuesto wines  follow a completely no nonsense approach.  The old vines have never seem chemicals, apart from a little copper and sulphur.  They macerate the Torrontes for 8-10 months.  They ferment with ambient yeasts and there is no fining or filtration and very little sulphur at bottling.

Pol is also obsessed by the lesser known red grapes of Argentina and has two lip smacking reds.  They are made from the Bonarda grape of Italian origin and the virtually unknown yet widely plated Criolla.  Pol found an incredible vineyard in the Uco valley with 70 year old vines of this grape.  Even though it is the third most planted grape in Argentina, most winemakers don’t bother with it and it goes into blends and fruit juice concentrate.  The vineyard is farmed organically and the wine is fermented naturally in plastic containers before spending a short period refining in barrels.  Like all Pol Opuesto wines, the Criolla is unique. It is totally unlike the jam packed norms of Argentinian red and goes completely against the grain.

Pol Opuesto

Pol Opuesto - Mr Opposite

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