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Quinta do Infantado

This winery was established in 1816 by D. Pedro IV, the Portuguese crown heir, as a place where they could collect taxes, which were then paid in grapes or wine. This is the origin of the Quinta’s name: Infantado derives from Infante, the Portuguese for Prince. The Roseira family has owned Quinta do Infantado for over a century. Joao Roseira looks after the vineyards and oversees the wine making and his sister-in-law Paula looks after the marketing of their wines. Absolutely delicious LBV Port with a silky, velvety texture which always impresses the drinker. All pressing at Infantado is done by feet in Lagares as tradition dictates, the fermentation is then stopped with the addition of 77% proof grape spirit and then the port is aged for 45 months in huge 100 year old casks. Infantado is relatively unknown Quinta but the quality is exceptional, i urge you to try this Port!