Quinta Do Mouro

Miguel Louro, a practising dentist, started this estate in 1989 when he inherited some money from a family member and supposedly continued to fund investment in the project by winning the money he needed at the Poker table! He always had a renegade's approach, finding land in an area of the Alentejo not well known for its vineyards with altitude to help give freshness to the grapes.

He planted international varieties as well as local ones. The predominant terroir is schist, again not the norm in the region which means the yields are low and the vines are not irrigated. In the winery, Quinta do Mouro is in permanent dialogue and confrontation with some of the procedures of contemporary oenology. Manual harvesting, foot treading, the use of Portuguese oak barrels and the minimalist methods that Miguel Louro defends. The grapes from manual harvest are transported to the winery in 18 kg boxes. Initially they are placed in mills, where the traditional foot treading takes place for 2 days, followed by natural fermentation in stainless steel vats. The wines are aged in 300L French and Portuguese oak barrels. The reds are full yet fresh and full of rich expressive fruit. Whites are fascinating, elegant and delightful easy drinking.

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