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Reynaud Heaule

Reynald has worked in several wineries in Burgundy and the Loire. A disciple of Claude Courtois, he still does part time work for his mentor but spends most of his time in his own 3 hectares of closely planted vines. Assiduous work in the vineyard and long ageing periods complement Reynald’s atypical selection of grape varieties: Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Gascon and Pinot Gris are just a few of the 20 varieties he grows. The wines are in a similar vein to those of Claude and his son Julien Courtois, alive, pulsing, earthy and raw yet with a finesse which belies their rustic and non interventionist roots. Reynaud's wines also have a lovely approachability and for those new to the true taste of Loire white wines, Reynaud Heaule is a great producer to start with.

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