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San Patrignano

The history of San Patrignano winery began in the ‘70s when Vincenzo Muccioli decided to create a rehabilitation Community which helped people who needed it and provided them with work. Early on only simple wines were produced – Sangiovese and Trebbiano. The vines were well tended, grapes harvested manually and crushed by foot, there was 1 wine press and 5 wood barrels; that was it. Over the years, the vines spread to cover over 100 hectares. Riccardo Cotarella took the helm and helped move the production into the 21st century. In these hills, Sangiovese takes on a new and unique identity which is smoother and mellower with sweeter tannins, all these features define the San Patrignano Sangiovese. Today they produce a wide range of grape varieties, including international varieties.