This exceptional winery in the jaw droppingly beautiful hills of Kefalonia was born in 1917 in the area of ​​Kechrion in Palli on the slopes of Laskaratos Hill.  Evryviadis Sklavou planted the first vines and started the family legacy of wine production before his grandson Spyros took over in 1990.  Spyros had the foresight to convert the beautiful vines of Mavrodaphne and Vostilidi (also called Bostilidi) to biodynamic viticulture and now his children are driving the winery forward into the 21st century.

The vineyards have expanded over the years with plantings of indigenous grapes like, Moschato, Moschatela, Robola Kefallinia, Tsaousi, and Zakynthino.  The current vines have an average age of 70 years.

Although they operate a state of the art modern winery, all vineyard and wine making activities are 100% natural and following biodynamic principles.  The wines are simply delicious, full of character and a unique flavour and charm that one always finds in Greek wine.  The prices are also exceptional considering the low yields, natural production and sheer quality of the wines.


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Sclavos Efranor
Sclavos Vino di Sasso Robola
Sclavos Orgion

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