Tajinaste Vineyard


Tajinaste takes its name from the flower that grows on Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Vine growing has a been a tradition here since the late fifteenth century. The vineyard is run by Agustín García Farrais who trained in Bordeaux and who is still assisted by his parents. His grandfather started the Bodega and the oldest vines on his 3 hectare estate were planted in 1914. The area has a diverse viticulture with sixty vine growers and more than 130 plots growing 12 different grape varieties.

Tenerife has a unique terroir, with volcanic soils, warm climate and influence from the mediterranean, resulting in characterful, approachable wines from this lesser known wine region.

Tajinste Tenerife Grecanico
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Tajinaste Blanco
Listan Negro Tradicional Tajinaste

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